The rise and fall of newton abbot


With over a population of 25k Newton abbot is a market town in Teignbridge district of London. This later became a large steam engine shed and served British diesel locomotive. This town at later time became an industrial state and had a racecourse nearby.

The town was holding markets on Wednesday which made abbots a thriving town and it gardened more profits despite of the market sale. Another market was created over the river in highweek but this market was open on Tuesdays and named Newton Bushel since they were the legal landowners. More mills wool and leather trade started as years passed. Moreover travelers found this place convenient to stay.

In 1633 the twin markets were merged under one name and they were open on Wednesdays. Later there were many small markets and many fairs were conducted from time to time. Later in years the buildings were constructed for trade and now a cinema hall is there as well named the Alexandra. Since Devon was a major sheep rearing county newton abbot had many mills. With all leather wool mills newton abbot flourished. Trade increased between fisheries of Newfoundland and abbot.

Ball clay of Bovey basin lies northwest of newton abbot. Clay were made to use pipes in 1680. Later the clay was shipped to Liverpool and other ports. Later in 18th century a canal was built by James Templer connected the granite quarries of Haytor to the canal. This helped in the making of the London Bridge in 1825. The ball clay is one of the high successful industry now.

The railway station of Newton abbot is situated east end of Queen Street. The railways changed abbot into an industrial estate from just a small market place. It also paved way for employment to around 1k people at that time. Many industries were set up later on newton abbot apart from the railways like power station, timber and iron industries and even more electrical industries. It also featured car races for several organizations on the 300m oval track racecourse. The newton abbot town is the major in their constituency which was created in the year 2010. They have two seats newton abbot north and south on Devon council. In 2009 a new hospital was opened on jetty marsh road. This was affected by the flood at 200 since it is situated near the river Teign. Coombeshead academy is a trustable school which educates more than 1000 pupils. Newton Abbot College located in Exeter also educates more than 1000 students. There are few other institutions as well which is of good standard.

The Alexandra which was built in 1871 was a corn exchange but it was a meeting hall for the community. A staging area was built along with dressing rooms and other rooms. This theatre was used for musical production and plays by touring companies. In 1995 it was again separated into a two screen theatre. St Leonard tower was the center of town. The tower is the remaining of St Leonard chapel which was founded in 1220. Forde house south of the town is built with an E-shaped floor plan. This was a shelter for many long back. Now it is used for office meetings , weddings and other events. Bradley manor which is a national trust property is situated at the opposite end of newton abbot.

John passmore Edwards wanted a hospital in the town but since the town already had one he decided to built a library in 1904. The building was constructed by a Cornish architect. Coombeshead academy together run the library. There were several almshouses in newton abbot. Tuckers malting is the only traditional malthouse open to the public of UK which is near to the railway station. It provides visitors with beer and malt center guided tours. It is the highest brewer of malt and beer. A small museum adjacent to the town speaks of the history of newton abbot and the western railways. A three day beer festival is held every year April where people get to taste more than 200 samples. Out of the two remaining cidar houses ye olde cidar bar in east street is one among them. The interior remains unchanged for about thirty years now. Newton abbot also have two football clubs and a cricket club and they used to play at the recreation ground. Devon county football association’s headquarter is in the town. Visit our website if you are looking for plumber based in Exeter